The Importance of Reading Fluently

Teaching your students how to become fluent readers should be a very important component to your literacy instruction.
Not too long ago I had the pleasure of attending a conference by Timothy Rasinski a professor and author of many books on fluency instruction, including The Fluent Reader.

Here are two important concepts I learned and are important to keep in mind.

Here is a brief look at a great way to directly teach fluency to your small groups of students.

Guided Fluency Instruction-Modeling

Directly teaching fluent reading to your students can be quite simple.  The first step is to model how to read the passage. As teachers this means you read to your students in a meaningful and expressive way while your students follow along.  The passage can be a little difficult for your students (at or slightly above their reading level.)  Reading the passage can be done a number of times stopping to talk about the words or passage, for example…how you used your voice to make meaning and how you paused at a period or comma. 

After modeling then students and the teacher read the passage together. This is fluency instruction with assisted practice.

In my classroom my students love to Echo read and I like to do echo reading with my students when the text is more difficult so my students can become more comfortable with the words in the text.  In echo reading the teacher reads a sentence or phrase and the students do the same right afterwards.  It is important that your students are following along and you will need to make sure of that.
Choral reading is another way that you can use assisted fluency instruction in your classroom.  The teacher and the student reads the passage together.
The last stage is when your students read the passage independently.  Repeated reading of text is important and the student should practice reading the text a number of times.  This works well for small passages, or poetry. After the student has read the text independently, listen to the student read the text again.  When the student has mastered this passage they move on to the next reading passage.
Reading fluency is key to success in reading and the lesson above is just one way to help your students become a more fluent reader.

My store is full of material to help students read fluently.
Here is a freebie for all of you to enjoy.
I use fluency phrases in my classroom. The students practice reading short sentences and phrases.

The students can earn certificates when they have read the phrases fluently within the pack.  My students love to read these phrases and are motivated by the characters.  These little phrase packs have worked great for transition times.  When I am busy helping others or getting organized to start the group my students will sit and read these cards independently.
Reader’s theater is a great way to practice reading fluency.  It works great in my 1-3 grade multiage classroom.  The younger readers can listen to and get support from a more advanced reader. My students work on using expression while they read and of course they reread and reread the reader’s theater scripts which help them become more fluent.  Then my students like to perform  the skits and that is super fun for all my students. Reader's theater can be incorporated across the curriculum. Here are some reader's theater units I have available in my store.
Thanks so much for reading and I hope this gives you some ideas on fluency instruction!

Library Labels and Back to School Sale

I am getting ready for the Back To School Sale on TPT.  Do I hear a "Yes!" I have many things on my wish list that I plan on purchasing.  I have also been super busy updating some of my products.  I am excited about the changes I made to my library label bins.  Our school had us purchase new bins and well my old labels just didn't fit so I had to fix that.  I am super happy with how they turned out.

         I made a ton of different labels and added many to this pack.    The best thing about this if you had purchased my library labels before,  just re-download this and it is yours. 

These labels also come with matching stickers for your books so
your students can put them back in the correct spot.
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Assess Me!

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My assessment!
Jane Loretz
July 26, 2015
My wisdom teeth were taken out by a student oral surgeon.  One of the surgeons fainted in the other room and the one who took out my wisdom teeth left me with the a small section in the front of my chin numb as in forever,  so it must be nerve damage.  I was awake the whole time. I started laughing when I learned it was the dentist that fainted in the other room.  In my position I thought it was funny.  The oral surgeon didn't think I should have been laughing.  Hmm.. maybe that's why I had nerve damage. 
Have a good Sunday!
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Las Vegas and a Makeover

This summer I was fortunate enough to have had the great opportunity to go to the tpt conference in Las Vegas.  I took my husband and my youngest son Logan along for support and when I was busy in the conference they were busy enjoying the sights of Las Vegas, and what 17 year old doesn't think Vegas is pretty cool. 
I learned a lot from the conference and met some amazing and inspiring teachers.  It was a little overwhelming for someone who is nervous around so many people. There were over 1,100 teachers at this conference. It hit me in the middle of the conference how I was sitting in a room full of teachers that have made huge contributions to education.  These same teachers have taught me to love teaching and that we are valued and it felt great to be surrounded by such devoted and inspiring people.
My husband Mike and Logan had a great time and we loved shopping, eating and seeing all the sights of Vegas.
Now that we are home I have been working on revising some products and working on some new ones.  My themes product which is my number one seller got a needed makeover. I used real photos and it turned out great.  Themes are really tricky for our students and this interactive bulletin board will make teaching themes easier for your students to understand.

Please check this product out here.
Enjoy summer everyone!

Biographies and a Wax Museum

I have been MIA a bit this last month but I am back and hopefully more on a routine.  I so needed a little break from well, everything.  The end of the school year was exhausting and I have never felt like I needed a break that badly.  May came with the end of the year to do lists... like memory books, report cards, and lots of paper work. This year was also my formal year with the new teacher effectiveness, which meant a lot of time on my computer getting my documents in order to prove that I am an effective teacher. That's all I am going to say about that.

Anyways... The last couple of weeks of school my students worked in their memory books and in their memory journals there are many pages that ask about their favorites. Like favorite subjects, story and projects.  Hands down most students picked the Wax Museum as their favorite learning activity/project.  It was also a project we had in May. So today I am going to tell you a little about that.

Biographies are a lot of fun and as a multiage teacher I touch upon biographies each year with my students. However, every third year we (as in our multiage team) do it up BIG as so each group of students that we have gets to experience this event!  It is BIG as it will take up a lot of your time, (another reason for the exhaustion in May), it will be a BIG hit with your parents, and your students will gain BIG knowledge of important people and will gain BIG knowledge on how to write and research a biography and they will remember this project and event FOREVER.  Many students that I have had in the past like to mention the Wax Museum, my son who is 24 still will talk about the wax museum and how he loved that project, he was King Tut! 

How does it all work?
Before we began this unit this year I wanted to make this a little easier on myself and my team members so I designed a quick unit that gives you information on how to host a Wax Museum and an easy way to write the biography reports.  If you are interested, this may help you put on a great Wax Museum.
click on the picture to check it out on tpt
Here is the skinny....
The students research a famous person.  They find ten facts that are important.  IMPORTANT is key and difficult and needs to be taught to your students.  Then they put these in chronological order and they are displayed on their backgrounds, then my older students wrote these into reports.  They all made their backgrounds.  For the Wax Museum the students stand completely still while their parents and other classes walk through and read their ten facts.  We had some Mozart music going on in the background.

The best part is that my students learned so much from this experience.  We read our facts and reports
 to each other, we watched exciting videos and movies about the famous people and when children
were done with what they worked on they helped each other finish their research and backgrounds.

Thanks for reading this post.
I hope all of you are getting some rest and relaxation too!

Dinosaur Unit

Are you counting down the days?  We have 9 more days left until the end of the school year. May has been exhausting so I am looking forward to summer. 
Last month we finished our dinosaur unit. I just love studying and learning about dinosaurs.
My students loved learning about dinosaurs too.  We read about dinosaurs, compared dinosaurs with reptiles, learned new vocabulary words, researched dinosaurs and wrote a report on them and so much more...
Here are some pictures of my dinosaur unit.

 My students pretended they were paleontologists and discovered new dinosaurs and wrote about them.  We also read the book If the dinosaurs came back by Bernard Most.
 We wrote our own version and turned it into a class book. 
Here are some examples.
This was a great unit to differentiate and work together in groups. My olders (3rd graders) in my class worked with the youngers to create their dinosaur reports. Working together to complete a project works nicely in my multiage class.
Some of my students brought their dinosaurs from home. 
One of my guided reading groups  read Dinosaur Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne and I read to them Dinosaur Habitat by Helen V. Griffith. 

Click on the picture of my dinosaur unit and check it out on tpt.
Have a great one!


May's Top Pinterest picks

I am linking up with Inspired Owl's Corner and Pawsitevely Teaching for May's top pinterest picks. 

I saw this picture on pinterest and it totally sparked my idea for my Mother's Day project this year. My students will write why their mom is a super hero....and then they will draw and paint a picture of mom similar to this picture. My students were so excited.  Another art project, absolutely! This picture is layered and done in three steps.  Art with Mrs. Seitz has a great post on how to do this project.  Check out the original pin here.

A couple months ago I pinned Tour the States video, this is Tour the World video.  So cool and my students beg to watch them.  Original pin see here.

My last pin is of a summer project I found.  Kate Uppman took her plain tables and painted them with whiteboard paint and they look amazing.  She describes in detail how she does it.  You can check out the post here.  The original pin check out here.
and lastly just as Effie says

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