Sunday, May 3, 2015

May's Top Pinterest picks

I am linking up with Inspired Owl's Corner and Pawsitevely Teaching for May's top pinterest picks. 

I saw this picture on pinterest and it totally sparked my idea for my Mother's Day project this year. My students will write why their mom is a super hero....and then they will draw and paint a picture of mom similar to this picture. My students were so excited.  Another art project, absolutely! This picture is layered and done in three steps.  Art with Mrs. Seitz has a great post on how to do this project.  Check out the original pin here.

A couple months ago I pinned Tour the States video, this is Tour the World video.  So cool and my students beg to watch them.  Original pin see here.

My last pin is of a summer project I found.  Kate Uppman took her plain tables and painted them with whiteboard paint and they look amazing.  She describes in detail how she does it.  You can check out the post here.  The original pin check out here.
and lastly just as Effie says

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Saturday, March 28, 2015


This past month in my classroom we learned about the Ocean and Water.  I love this unit as it is always a favorite of my students. We start off by learning about the water cycle.  This year my students made water cycle necklaces. 
Then we went into learning about the Ocean itself.  With some of my younger students (first graders) who can not read some of this text yet are partnered with olders (third graders) who love reading to these students.
My student's favorite thing is learning about the animals that live in the ocean.   They learned about octopuses, whales, fish and sharks, crabs and other animals. They made shark reports in small groups. They also read about octopuses and wrote 8 facts about them.  They painted big Octopuses which caught the eye of everyone walking down our hallway. 

We also compared fish to whales. 

We also read many different Ocean stories that are super fun.  We read the Pout-Pout Fish in the Big, Big Dark.  We practiced writing summaries with that story. The students paintings of Pout-Pout Fish turned out super cute.
We also made our own version of Down by the Bay called Down in the Deep.  I did this with my youngers (first graders) during word work time.
This truly is just a quick sample of this massive unit.  This unit is easy to differentiate and had many opportunities for group work which we encourage in Multiage.  You can see more of my Ocean unit in my preview in my store, and you may  also want to look at the Water Cycle unit too. 
Happy teaching!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Today was one of those days when I felt exactly like this guy in the video.  My first grade student that I was trying to help looked just like the man he was trying to teach.  I guess we keep trying, but I know many of you can relate.  If you need to laugh then check out other kid snippets on you-tube.

In math with my youngers (first graders) we are working on adding and subtracting 10 to any number and then we worked on adding multiples of ten to any number.  This skill can be tough and the students need to have good number sense.  I have a few that struggle with just about everything in math so today's lesson was especially daunting (For me too). The best part of todays lesson was  putting together our 120 puzzles.  The students had fun putting these together.  Simply take a 120 chart print on colored cardstock, laminate and cut them up into puzzle pieces.  I found the 120 chart here and I could see a couple light bulbs turning on. Thanks so much Stacy Romanjuk for the 120 chart.

I have two centers in my math fluency pack that has helped my students with ten less and ten more. We just keep practicing.

In this math fluency pack there are 10 centers along with flashcards, posters and activities so students can practice understanding these skills. Check this unit out here.
Spring break is still over a week away! Yikes! Looking forward to a break, visiting my son in Arizona and soaking up the sunshine! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Top Pinterest Picks for March

I am linking up with Inspired Owl's Corner and Pawsitevely Teaching for March's pick 3.

My students love this video of the states and capitals and ask to watch it all the time!  So much fun!

The past two months we have been learning about the Ocean habitat and learned about octopuses.  They made octopuses just like this girl.  We added our 8 facts on octopuses to go along with the artwork.  I was so glad to see this pin of this Octopus drawing because I wanted something they could create on their own. I will post my octopuses soon. See my ocean unit here.

I am always working on self monitoring with my students.  A fellow Wisconsin teacher made this terrific unit on self-monitoring.  The black posters that you see in the picture you use as the introduction and review of self monitoring.  My students loved this and the activities are terrific.Thanks Lisa  at      Growing Firsties  for a great product! Check her product out here. 
original pin click here

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Fairy Tales and a Sale

It is that time of year again and TPT is having a site wide sale on Wednesday, February 25! 
That means everything in my store will be 20% off and when you put in the code at checkout you will get additional savings!
My wish list is growing!

This past month I have been working on revising my fairy tale units.  
It has been a lot of work and I am so excited about the changes and a new addition.

The First Fairy Tale Unit!

The second Fairy Tale Unit!

My New Unit!

Please check them all out, includes puppets, plays and many other activities that go along with the stories.
Click on the links above to check them out.

Stay warm friends, today we had school and it was -23 degrees on our way to work.  We don't get cold days off very often here in Northern Wisconsin.  We would have to have wind chills to go with that.  Hearty and Depressed is what we are, I can't even imagine living in Alaska.
I think this is pretty much how we feel this time of year. Spring will be a long ways off.

Happy teaching!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Top Pinterest Pins

 .  I am linking up with Positively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner to take a look at our favorite February pins.

 I have been searching the past two weeks for a fun polar bear art idea.  When I saw this I knew I wanted to make these in my class.  Hopefully next week we will start this project, unfortunately there wasn't a link to get directions but the picture is pretty easy to see how they made these pictures. They are so cute!
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I was on pinterest last week and I saw this pin by Tessa at owl-ways be inspired about Front Row. So I read her post on this math app-program and what a terrific find this has been.  I signed up my students right away. (This is free program).  LOVE it please check out her post and Front row. You will love it too!


 Another find this week I am in love with is this Valentine gift idea for your students.  They are little science kits.  Too FUN! My kiddos are going to be so excited to receive experiments for Valentine's Day.  Shopping list, directions and everything you need is in this kit.  Such a clever idea by Teach-A-Roo.
click on for original pin.
If you need more great ideas check out my pins on pinterest!
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Monday, January 26, 2015

100 Day Class Book

       I have a free item to share with all of you in honor of the 100th day of school.
     We have a great time celebrating the one hundredth day in my classroom.  This is a class book that you can make with your students on the one hundredth day of school. 
      I feel modeling your expectations for writing is very important and when you do that your students will show greater understanding and gains with their writings.  In this free sample I have included a sample writing and a graphic organizer.  I have my children use the graphic organizer to write down their sentences.  They get it checked by me and then we revise and edit and then they use the other paper to write their final copy. 
      If you like this writing lesson you can find my paragraph writing packets in my tpt store.  My students improve with their writing significantly when using these prompts, samples and graphic organizers and they are designed to follow the gradual release of responsibility model of instruction.  Also available in my store is a 100 day pack that has many activities for your students.

This is my daughter Michelle, using the Aging Booth App.  I plan on using this with my students and adding it inside the book.  It will be a hit with my students. After taking the pictures with the Aging App. you can send the pictures to your e-mail address and print them off. 
Have a great week.
Happy teaching! Jane